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  • Intro and defoliation in flower?

    Posted by DeaneR on April 20, 2020 at 2:40 pm

    Hello everyone, Happy 420! I’m DeaneR from southern Ontario Cananda. Growing my legal 4 recreational plants.

    Started growing as soon as it became legal here! I’ve since grown out several successful harvests of autos and photoperiods, both fem’d and regular seed. My grow journals are posted on GrowDiaries.com under DeaneR.

    I’m mainly a indoor tent grower, using coco and/or promix, dry soil amendments or bottled nutrients. I’ve been trying out various things to find my growing style.

    Now to my Question. I’m growing my first sativa, Alice Nicole by Aztech Genetics. I’m also ScrOGing for the first time. She is in day 15 of flower 12/12 light schedule under a Electric Sky 300W LED. How and when do I defoliate her for better light penetration and airflow? ThanksSunglassesV.

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