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  • 2nd Grow – Critique My Plans!

    Posted by woodsman90 on September 23, 2020 at 11:16 pm

    Hey Guys,

    So glad I found this channel and community! I’m about to embark on my 2nd grow, and I’m shaking things up when it comes to my approach.

    Genetics: HSO Blue Dream – Heavy feeder, 9 week flower

    Last run I ran in Oregon’s Only Organics (NOTG) #4 soil, and plan to do the same this time. I previously used Nectar of The Gods bottled line, and had awesome results. This time however…I’m doing it with dry amendments. Here’s the plan…

    First 2 Weeks – Add Great White where seed will be placed, straight soil/perlite mix and no nutes. Red solo cup.

    Transplant into 1 gal pot – adding Great White to roots and top dress 4-4-4 Dr Earth & Dr. Earth 4-6-3 amendments at 70/30 mix. Should run another 3 weeks in this mix.

    Final Transplant – 3Gal Pot – adding Great White to roots, & top dress. After 2nd week in this pot (7ish wk veg time total) I will top dress using Dr Earth 4-10-7 & 4-4-4 50/50 and flip to bloom.

    In week 4 of flower I will top dress for the last time with Dr Earth 4-10-7. Then it’s straight water and Myco Chum till harvest.

    Please, let me know what you guys think! Approve or rip me apart I really don’t care I just need some outside perspectives. I’ve been so far down the google rabbit hole today lol


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