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  • Cruella_Devilles_Lettuce

    October 20, 2021 at 6:58 pm

    I would start at the top and pull the largest leaves first. as the light starts to hit the leaves that were hidden underneath I start to judge how much light is going to hit the bud/branch sites in the center of the bush. If I was planning on flowering soon I would be sure to clear the majority of leaves off the majority of branches, also taking smaller branches from the interior. on the bottom I would make sure to pull anything that looked discolored, shaded or was touching the container or cover crop.

    On the first picture, a screenshot from your video, I crossed off the leaves that would go. I would do it symmetrically around the plant.

    For each branch I would take off all the fan leaves, being careful not to pull off the nodes(purple arrow) that grow right at the pit of the stem and petiole(red circle), if i was going to veg it longer. if i am planning on flowering in the next couple weeks i would take the nodes and leaves off the branch, with only the blue circled area remaining. I might keep a little more than just the tops but this seems like a squat lil lady and you want a good amount of air all around the buds.