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  • Donny_Danko

    August 14, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    That’s the decent range for veg for sure. See the vpd can be a bih to try n chase if you’re not experienced asf or deeply dialed in. I try to keep my RH higher and highest at 60%-70% during seedling veg. Then drop down as the plants life goes.

    During the life of the plant I naturally drop those temps down with the RH to simulate end of summer fall months. This is where I go down from 65% range to transitional period to flower 60% down to 50% and 40%-45% those final weeks.

    Temps drop too, I drop them both from their daytime highs as well. 10 degree swing down to help w the moisture from no lights on. Remember those yellow numbers are where u REALLY will be most the time for optimal daytime environment I found, you will do fine not being in the green 💯