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    July 1, 2021 at 3:58 pm

    I just picked up there 3×3/72 tent with the cloudline fan and filter set up and the temp and humidity controler. I have to say its nice solid equipment right out of the box you can tell when you feel it. the tent is the nicest ive owned the 2000d fabric is super nice, you can tell its strong and had no light leaks at all. The zippers are heavy and smooth. and the frame is solid. The fan and filter cloudline setup is basic but super high tech and functional in its simplicity and executes its purpose flawlessly. My states legalization bill went into effect today which was the perfect excuse to buy a new set up. last time I went through the process of piecing together a kit the prices were insane compared to now so needless to say the price point is exceptional. I would have never imagined being able to get the set up I did for the price I got it. And a huge part of that was because the whole air exchange and scrubbing system with tent only cost me 250 bucks.