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  • Pride

    April 19, 2021 at 6:48 am

    I came to the same conclusion after a little more research. Unfortunately Nitrosol was what was available to me, maybe if this grow is somewhat successful I will invest in something a little more suited to my exact setup. The other 2 plants are looking pretty healthy, and the rest of this plant is starting to look really healthy as well. I may have just been scared to over-feed them and over Cal-Mag them, I have bumped everything up a little and they seem to be pretty happy after the last few feedings, so fingers crossed I got it early and the rest of the grow goes smooth. I was sent something called “XLR8” by a company named “Veganixs”, and it seems to have quite a few things in it, I have just been a little paranoid to introduce it to my feeding as I couldn’t really find a heap of information on it. I was given it as a freebie when I ordered my CalMag from eBay.

    I may contact the seller and ask if they have some info on how to use it effectively.
    Thanks for your time everyone!