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  • Medik8ed cracker

    December 9, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    Harvesting too early is the biggest mistake I made when I was new to growing . My first 2 grows couldn’t came out 10x better if I would’ve had this advice I’m about to share with you . I used to look at trichomes on sugar leaves to determine when to harvest . I was cutting plants down when I was seeing mostly cloudy trichomes with about 20-30% amber. It still turned out looking 🔥 but, it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting . After countless hours of research and about a year of experimentation , I’ve changed things up a bit . I’ve realized that trichomes on sugar leaves mature faster than trichomes inside the flower . The leaves and outside of the flowers are exposed to the elements resulting in faster maturity . Now I wait til I’m seeing at least 50% amber on the sugar leaves , then I start a 1 week flush . Best the end of a week long flush , I then sacrifice a nug, break it open and check trichomes there. If they are mostly cloudy with some amber , I put them in darkness for 2 days and prepare to chop them down . I’ve found my flower is wayyyy more potent , smellier and heavier in weight . I hope this helps you out a little down the road . So, basically to make a long story short , when you think they are ready , let them go another week or 2 . Not to brag on myself but, I really have a hard time finding flower of the same calibur as what I’m growing . Even dispensary owners and commercial growers have told me that my flower was the best they ever smoked . I’m nowhere near the best in my opinion , but I’m working on it. Stay lifted my friend!!!