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  • gweedos-growroom

    December 9, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    Hey if your just worried about chlorine and or chloramines the fix is super simple, just add 500mg of plain powdered vitamin c aka ascorbic/citric acid from any vitamin section at your local market. Chloramine is basically chlorine with an ammonia molecule attached to help it maintain stability in water, ie it doesnt bubble out as readily as chlorine alone, the vit c breaks the bond and the chlorine will gas off with assistance from a bubble stone, your left with tiny trace amounts of ammonia which ends up being nitrogen in the end, I’ve been doing this 50 gals at a time for 2 years with no I’ll effects, and it’s super cheap, as for RO you get what you pay for basically I’d say always go a bit bigger than what you need to save time. 👍👍