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  • maxLeet

    October 7, 2020 at 2:02 pm


    I’d like to start off by saying, ‘shove it, and your full of whatever fertilizer your currently using’ (though i dont think you’re using any).- ok-ok im kidding.. In all seriousness, thanks for responding I found this very helpful and I’m equally curious about other’s setup.

    I’ve thought about hydroponics and I have to suppress my inner nerd/techy because it’d be cool to do some automation. However, I am a bit wary about treating the water and the equipment needed for the completely setup (air pump, pvc, etc.).. All in all, I haven’t completely decided yet because i haven’t gotten my seeds.

    I order Gold Left, Blue Dream and Maple Leaf Indica seeds and initial i thought it would have been a bit easier. However, going through the process I could understand why it is the way is it. It would probably be cool/better to get seeds from someone you know. As was recommended in the CGB.

    I was reading the CGB and have been thinking about getting a propagation tray which was said to have a high probability of success.

    Thanks for the feedback!