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Activity Forums Equipment Recommendations How would YOU setup a 4 x 8 tent?? Reply To: How would YOU setup a 4 x 8 tent??

  • weareplayingwithfire

    October 4, 2020 at 1:34 am

    In my set up I have a fast fit tray stand with a 4×8 tray and a flora flex drip system controlled by trolmaster aqua x. I also have two luxx 645 LEDs, a 10” qmax with my carbon filter, trolmaster hydro x controlling light cycle and the trolmaster full spectrum quantum sensor to control ppfd at canopy height. I use a 40 gallon res with a circulation pump. Coco coir as the medium. Quest 70 dehumidifier. Two oscillating 12” hurricane fans. With the aqua X I also use a water co tent sensor as well as a leak sensor. And a blue labs ph doser. And a portable AC ducted I to the tent. And I love it.