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  • rdav630

    August 21, 2020 at 12:58 pm

    Thanks @badbert! I did order a new stronger inline fan and a portable ac unit. The doors can’t stay open much longer to keep temp and rh down. I’ve got 6 blackberry kush autos going next to my 2 vegging AK-OG photo plants. The autos are a 70day plant and they popped Aug 1st, running 20/4 so when they’re done I’m going to flip the photos into flower right after the autos come out and want to try a scrog. There will be new lights in the future just want to get my hands on learning started and hopefully eliminate some bad habits I could start. Thanks for your advise, see y’all in the superchat on Tuesday or maybe Sunday. @rob-cltv instead of new episodes of TWD (just because you mentioned it the other day) I wait for your new episodes 🤙