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  • badbert

    August 21, 2020 at 6:55 am

    Although those lights are blurple, don’t count them out. They are 240 watts actual draw each. I keep them around 24 inches. Any closer and they will burn your leaves. I’m not saying they are the best lights available. But you paid for them, use them. They will do the job just fine. If you upgrade, keep these in their too.
    I really like my HC 4×4 tent! The fact that you can unzip 3 walls at once. Gives you great access to your plants. I have 6 x 5gal hydro buckets growing under a scrog. And my plants are super happy and healthy.
    The ventilation system is nowhere near adequate for 6 plants. I shelved it and bought an 8″ fan and carbon filter. With the 8″ fan on it’s lowest setting the humidity went from mid 70% to 50%. Before my tower circulation fan would drive the humidity into the 80% range. Now it barely affects the humidity at all. Upgrading or adding newer technology lighting is a sound investment. With only two plants, humidity may be fine. If there are humidity problems. I strongy suggest updating your ventilation system.