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  • jamaal

    July 29, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    how’s your environment? Temp, humidity, airflow, proper light spectrum at phase of plant and intensity. How long has it been in flower? Whiteside hairs indicates first few weeks of flower.. it may be fine if just started to flower.. if half way in there is a problem and may be with your environment needing to be dialed in more closely to what most cannibis loves. In flower 68 to not higher than 85 depending on area you live. Humidity under 50% down to 35 40% most of flower or less 25 to 20% at least in last weeks. Be sure to have proper inflow of air and extraction at correct cfm with inline fans watching vapor pressure distribution (vpd) to insure max uptake of nutrients. Proper nutrients and correct ph of water ar all times. I could be wrong with all that , but I hope im not.. thats what worked for me to produce hard dense nuts with first time