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  • apbullettooth

    November 18, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Yo! I have to ask about Advanced Nutrients “PH perfect technology”… I get good numbers when only using the base nutes but as soon as I start adding the other stuff it drops way down causing me to add a ton of PH up. Then my runoff reads extremely low but yet high on the ppm scale… one of these ladies is in Fox Farms strawberry fields and the other is in Cyco’s wormix coco/perlite blend… but both are running high ppm’s and low PH in the runoff. My local grow shop guy told me I should cut the advanced in half.. he said F.F. Dirt runs hot, so I won’t need as many nutes for at least the first 5 weeks.. sound about right to you…? THANKS FOR ANY AND ALL HELP GROWMIES!!! ✌🏼